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Everyday Access are specialists in one field and that is stairlifts. We install them, service them, remove them, upgrade them, fix them and teach you how to use them. After all, this allows us to provide you with service of the highest standard in the industry.
One of the most important aspect of choosing and installing a stairlift is ensuring that the lift is installed as per AS1735:7 (lift Code). Please ensure the company you choose for your stairlift provides evidence of qualifications and discusses all aspect of AS1735:7 and what may be required for your stairlift to be installed in compliance with the standard.


Obtaining stairlifts direct from the manufacturer and installing them in your home is our primary focus. With years experience in the stairlift industry, Everyday Access are indeed the stairlift professionals in Queensland.


Everyday Access will service and repair most brands and models of stairlift where possible, including the Acorn brand.


Everyday Access offer complete support and advice on all stairlift products and compliance with AS1735:7 (Lift Code). Contact us on 1300 551 840 where we are available to answer any question you may have regarding stairlifts.

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